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  • Black Love
    Black Love  5 days back

    He's worth more than 110 million.

    • Antwun. L. Barbary
      Antwun. L. Barbary  2 weeks back

      Yes. Ok. Look. Good

      • Manuel Encalada
        Manuel Encalada  2 weeks back


        • Manuel Encalada
          Manuel Encalada  2 weeks back


          • Roxie Kelley
            Roxie Kelley  2 weeks back

            I am so happy for you I jest love all your TV shows you can be so funny to me yes you do have a gift.from God and you or usi g your gifts out ther

            • mze31676
              mze31676  3 weeks back

              Martin is one of the best comedians of his era. Plus he helped open the doors for a lot of great comedians. Dont get it wrong he deserves all of these things. DC's in the house

              • Daily Hunter
                Daily Hunter  3 weeks back

                Martin, can borrow the ferrari for the weekend, please? Cheers, Bruv.

              • Eric Jr
                Eric Jr  4 weeks back

                The 67 Plymouth had a 0-60 closer to 11 seconds but if it was modified in any way those numbers can be cut in half and the top speed would’ve been much higher. If he kept it original then I could understand but if it is a “custom” Cuda as the video states, it would likely have some performance modifications like a 440 magnum V8 with an Edelbrock and intake, upgrades to the suspension, final drive, headers and exhaust.

                • Aaron Stansberry
                  Aaron Stansberry  4 weeks back

                  Jerome got it going own. I say Jerome in the howz!

                  • SimSational Virgo
                    SimSational Virgo  1 months back

                    Most iconic comedian of 90s 😎🐐

                    • Josiah Black
                      Josiah Black  1 months back

                      Nice but not too much, I like that.

                      • Joshua Dzvekesu
                        Joshua Dzvekesu  1 months back

                        I Love you Martin

                        • Troiz Katzenberg
                          Troiz Katzenberg  1 months back

                          Love to see my black ppl do DAMN GOOD. BEAUTIFUL!

                          • Soniel Pascal
                            Soniel Pascal  3 weeks back

                            You hate to see others race do good in life? Just know people didn’t choose their color and how a person act, that doesn’t means it’s the race that they are that they personally is not up to your favor. The human race have a problem, black peoples feels that they could go around being angry and get to getter with other black peoples and make a different, the world doesn’t work like that, when you’re expecting to make a change out of anger,it will turn out to be you’re only angry at yourself because you’re not doing things with love you’re doing things with hate in your heart and to only make a statement. Stop being Hostile to things you don’t have no control over and that some race had nothing to do with, you’re pointing finger at the wrong people, it’s been four hundred years now it’s time to make the world a better and safe place for the new Generation, remember where a person from and how a person looks and the color of their skin, it’s Somethings that we all vulnerable to. The color of someone skin And who they tend to be is two different thing. When you look up up to the sky the sun doesn’t have nothing incoming with us but it doesn’t choose to love witch best spot to shine up on instead it shines on all of us to keep us alive, that means we all Special and we should do the same we should shine are love to everyone don’t pick and choose the color of their skin and where they are from to do that because we all human and we all Precious We all need love. Slavery takes place more then two thousand years ago and we all the same, we all came from Adam and Eve And we are one human race, there’s non that look better then another and there’s non that’s Better than another, We all suffer the same plague because we all Curse but you’re not going to make things better By sending resentment and Isolation. It’s time to make this World a better hospitable place for this Generation and for the Generation In the future to come.

                          • Lone Ranger
                            Lone Ranger  1 months back


                        • victor swinson
                          victor swinson  1 months back

                          This isn't true

                          • Alim Jones
                            Alim Jones  2 months back

                            RIGHTT ONN 👊

                            • Truth Betold65
                              Truth Betold65  3 months back


                              • BIG WORM BIG WORM
                                BIG WORM BIG WORM  3 months back


                                • William Johnson
                                  William Johnson  2 years back

                                  hes the man

                                • MisterCool
                                  MisterCool  2 years back

                                  You go, boy!

                                  • Tacita Morgan
                                    Tacita Morgan  2 years back


                                  • Clarence White
                                    Clarence White  2 years back


                                    • Wayne Gamble
                                      Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                      And dover delaware capnitol police is trying to frame me trying to change my name and wilmington police is helping them.

                                      • Wayne Gamble
                                        Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                        The state of Delaware judges

                                        • Wayne Gamble
                                          Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                          And they broke law but when a black person brake the law they run him thru the ringger.but the judges can break the law when they fill like it.

                                        • Wayne Gamble
                                          Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                          And they mad cause im innocent

                                          • D J
                                            D J  1 months back

                                            nigga go get a lawyer cuz

                                        • Wayne Gamble
                                          Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                          The wilmington delaware superior court judges broke the law.

                                          • Wayne Gamble
                                            Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                            The federal court and the state of delaware dover capitol police and south federal agent and delaware federal agent is trying to frame me under racism to try to get somebody out on me some white person

                                            • Wayne Gamble
                                              Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                              In delaware

                                              • Wayne Gamble
                                                Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                                I have 50 motion in federal court and the judge 9 months against the the clock

                                                • Wayne Gamble
                                                  Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                                  They mess with my legal work against the law and the state of Delaware and the United state district court of Delaware messing with my mail and rewriting my mail

                                                  • Wayne Gamble
                                                    Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                                    They falsified Martin Luther king Jr civil right motion

                                                    • Wayne Gamble
                                                      Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                                      I'm in nobody business I mind my own business

                                                      • Wayne Gamble
                                                        Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                                        I survive by myself

                                                        • Wayne Gamble
                                                          Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                                          I hang solo

                                                          • Wayne Gamble
                                                            Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                                            I'm the urkle under investigation I don't know why they hating.

                                                            • Wayne Gamble
                                                              Wayne Gamble  2 years back

                                                              I don't even know this people that trying to kill me.and yet they stole my money against the law out of the bank

                                                            • Tia  Magee
                                                              Tia Magee  2 years back

                                                              Love Martin Lawrence true #1fan

                                                              • Peter Wanjohi
                                                                Peter Wanjohi  2 years back

                                                                waow thats good